• My Agents
  • Contact Stefan at
  • +44   (0) 7973 641 220 Cell
  • +44 (0) 208 961 4900 Studio
  • Source connect – pfpltd
  • Skype – pfrankprod

Studio Set up

Mac Pro – 2 quadcore 3ghz 32gb ram ssd drives

Logic Pro X – Most plugins

Mics- Neumann u87, Sennheiser 416, AKG c414, Rode NT1

Avalon 737 SP mic pre, Apogee Ensemble, Genelecs,

75 MB connection, Source Connect standard 3.8, Cleanfeed. ISDN bridging, Phone patch, Skype.

Deliver any format / Work to picture / Full music production too

Fully soundproofed purpose-built garden studio. Cinderblock 6m x 5m studio in the back of my garden.  40mm rockwool insulated walls and ceiling. Floating floor. With an isobooth. Computer (soundproofed enclosure) 


On the road- Macbook pro 2×3.2ghz,

Apogee Duet pt/Logic with Source Connect standard

Mics – U87/416


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