• My Agents
  • Contact Stefan at
  • 44 (0) 208 965 0677 studio
  • 44   (0) 7973 641 220 Cell
  • Source connect – pfpltd
  • Skype – pfrankprod

Studio Set up

Mac Pro – 2 quadcore 3ghz 32gb ram ssd drives

Logic X Most plugins

Mics- Neumann u87, Sennheiser 416, AKG c414, Rode NT1

Avalon 737SP mic pre, Apogee Ensemble, Genelecs,

75 MB connection, Source connect standard, Cleanfeed. ISDN bridging, Phone patch, Skype.

Deliver any format / Can work to picture/Full music production too

Fully soundproofed room in purpose-built garden studio.


On the road- Macbook pro 2×3.2ghz,

Apogee Duet pt/Logic with Source connect

Mics – U87/416

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