Stefan Ashton Frank

I make noise for a living.

I am an American doing Voice Overs and Singing all around the world.

My speaking voice is on TV on most continents daily. I’m on many cartoons, games, documentaries, over a 1000 TV promos, film trailers, and commercials. Voiced dozens of Promax gold awards and won a bunch of others. It has taken me decades to become an overnight sensation doing what I love to do. 

I have a full production recording studio where I record and produce ads, songs, TV promos, network channel branding, and music, complete with Source Connect w/ISDN bridging, and another studio while traveling.

I voice the parts of Mr.Robinson and 20 others, on the Emmy, and Multi Bafta award-winning; The Amazing World of Gumball for Cartoon network.
Speedy McAllister on Chuggington, for Disney. Diego and Duke, for Ice Age Live, Nearly 100 video games, from Driver 2 to Battlefield Bad co, Horizon Zero Dawn, Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 to Cyberpunk 2077
Play by play commentator for Robot Wars (US). Narrated multiple series documentaries for Discovery and NatGeo.

And a few active NDAs, so you never know. (until I can tell you)

I also have been Singing, Gigging, Recording, and/or Songwriting, with everybody from Boy George to George Clinton, The Prodigy to Thomas the Tank engine. Over 100 records, some charted, and years of touring.

I have also co-written and performed a comedy album called Dogland. Written several TV formats, some of which are in various stages of production.
Many ongoing Music, Animation, Video games and TV projects.

My Agents

Commercial VO reel

Stef tunes

Promax and Clio Award winners





Hey Voice Dude- Instagram

Twitter @ReallyFrankVO

Facebook-The Voice Dude

Podcasted with Dani Behr

ClubHouse @voicedude

Contact Stefan at

My other joy is photography

Here is a review of a movie I dubbed the leads. In this case bad is good



cy240-b676ece8-482d-47fa-a0b7-3137e2652476-v2.png Best Promo voice2018--ge-awards_tile

                            Winner for Voice Over performance-Bronze


Best Promo voice

Best Character voice

Judges choice award

Animation Best Character performance
TV Promo Best overall performance.
Best use of Humor
For Promo
For Promo
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